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Outdated Newsletter Update

Remarkably, readers are still subscribing to the FMN newsletter on this page, despite the fact that one has not been posted for nearly three years. What optimism!

And some individuals keep asking why they aren’t receiving newsletters. This message is an attempt to clear up the confusion I’ve caused.

Here’s the current reality:

  1. This website is long out of date. A fresh replacement has mostly been written, and images are awaiting publication. The code, however… ah, the code. I have not yet taken the time to master the code required to present the website taking form in my head.

    My first book stands at the head of a line of projects (not a long line, but significant projects) preceding the new website. And although the tasks are not so insurmountable, the new website is still not at the top of the list, as unreasonable as that may seem.
  2. What I have written here has never really fit the mold of a ‘newsletter’ anyway. The desire to share stories, information, and principles in a public way has shifted in the past few years to an online journal hosted at a completely different web address: Future Medicine Now :: Contemplations. For the moment, it is here, in a more compatible format that these communications are published—I can’t say regularly, but fairly often. The new website will incorporate the journal as an integral component of the site—as it should. You can’t know how badly I want this to happen. But I’m not there yet.

    A new contemplation was posted today—The Heart of Grace.

In the meantime, this update is to serve notice that the Future Medicine Now Newsletter is belatedly pronounced dead and laid to rest. There will be no further activity here until the rebirth of my web presence. If you have an interest in following what flows from my clinical and personal experience, you may wish to go to Contemplations and sign up (upper right hand corner) to receive notification when future journal posts are published. Please join me for the second incarnation of this journey in the 21st century!

Unfortunately, I can’t offer you a simple way to just ‘click here’, and you’re signed up for Contemplations. If you want to stay connected, you’ll need to go to Contemplations, and sign up there, as described above. I’d love to see you there. If you’ve already signed up, thank you!

My intention is to get all of us on the new page.

Thanks for reading!
Dr. Larry Horton
Winter Solstice 2014





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