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Vive La Différence!

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How is a visit to Future Medicine Now different from typical encounters with other primary care physicians?

What follows are the most obvious contrasts. We hope you recognize and value these distinctions during your visit. We've created them just for you.


  • Truly holistic care — Oriental medicine must look at the entire person in order to do its job well. No longer will you have three or five specialists — skin, gut, nerves, muscles & bones, heart, etc. — working on various parts, having no idea what the others are doing or why.
  • Little or no waiting — Your appointment time is when you can expect to be seen by your doctor, not 20 minutes or 2 hours later. We value your time and respect our commitments.
  • No cold, assembly line treatment — You are regarded and treated as family, not as a numbered piece of meat, passing through our ‘system’.
  • Email consultations — With your consent, email can speed up and facilitate information transfer between you and your doctor. This can be an immense time saver for everyone involved. Altering treatment choices, based on your current status is vital to providing more responsive treatment, and more rewarding health outcomes.
  • State-of-the-art Electronic Medical Records — All of your visit notes and records are safely stored on our server, and are HIPPA compliant. This makes paper work (including yours) almost a thing of the past. Records may be easily transmitted to you or to another physician.
  • Test results are available electronically — Upon your approval, test results may be emailed directly to you.
  • Warm and comfortable, welcoming environment — What more can we say?
  • Results, results, results! — And a new outlook on life.



2202 Menaul NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107


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