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“The many thousands of ways I am thankful to Dr. Swanback and Dr. Horton for saving my life cannot be described in such a short statement, but I will try. I met Dr. Swanback when she came to purchase organic eggs from me and when I asked what her occupation was, there started my journey to good health. I had been searching for a good acupuncturist and chinese medicine doctor since I arrived in New Mexico and didn't know anyone to trust. For years, medical doctors gave me no solution to the host of symptoms I had. I decided to look for a more holistic approach to healing my body. Interesting how the universe provides opportunities and answers just at the right time.

Before I met Dr. Swanback I had been becoming increasingly challenged by sinus, skin and bladder infections and chronic fatigue. Every year, it became progressively worse, with me having to take more antibiotics to recover. I thought I was eating wholesome foods, growing organic vegetables and avoiding the typical American diet. But something wasn't right as I soon found out after a plethora of lab tests to get to the root of my ill health. Come to find out, I was severely gluten intolerant which explained my body's inability to digest food properly, osteopenia and acne. The thought never crossed my mind. I also didn't have enough hydrochloric acid to digest hardly anything. I had gained weight which just would not come off. Now I understood why. I was so tired after just a short hike or working in the garden, that it literally took days to recover. Exercising was torture for me. The tests revealed adrenal exhaustion was the culprit. My body was on the verge of descending into chronic disease that my family had already achieved! I was not about to be a victim. I made the decision to do whatever it took to regain my health. It was my responsibility to get healthy.

Through detox cleanse and removing all gluten from my diet, supplements and treatments, step by step, my health improved dramatically over the course of nearly a year. Giving up wheat was easy, but not so easy to let go of my nemesis - sugar. Today, I can garden for hours and not be exhausted, my skin cleared up, I shed over 14 pounds and feel great. Drs Swanback and Horton taught me how to eat right for my body and gradually I was able to shift my paradigm by letting go of the preconceived idea of society that the food pyramid was the way to good health. Today, my diet has completely changed quite happily for the better. After all, we are what we eat, literally. The price of good health is worth the effort when you see results.

So many thanks to Dr. Swanback and Dr. Horton for all of your help and gentle, loving support in my journey to good health! ”

— Female client, 2011.


“On July 2, 2010 I came into your office with not much hope of success in relieving an acid reflux problem and the chronic fatigue that I was experiencing. No doctor before you had been successful. I was overweight, grumpy, and not at all expecting the personal approach from you for my health. In one hour I was convinced by your confidence that we could change my whole being. During that first meeting you stated that I would be doing the work and this is, in fact, true. You have guided me to a better way of eating, seeing and yes breathing. By placing my health in my hands not in the hands of a doctor I was given the power to make the changes needed for improvement.

We had, in less than three months, eliminated all pharmaceuticals from my life, Nexium, for GERD, Advair for asthma, and aspirin, and Tylenol for the rest. One of the pharmaceuticals Advair was causing the problems to which the Nexium was trying to resolve. The asthma was relieved by changes in my food and the elimination of food additives. While the deletion of sugar from my diet has regulated my mood swings for the better I now know that I am truly what I eat. The Standard American Diet (SAD) was slowly depleting me of my health and happiness.

As I approach my sixtieth birthday in a few weeks, I will honestly say that for the first time in a very long time I am looking forward to a healthy happy year. Not in recent memory have I been this active and energetic. The weight of my poor health has been greatly reduced and the promise of truly better living is within reach. Other issues have been uncovered that are still being resolved. I offer my heartfelt thanks to both you Dr. Swanback and to Dr. Horton. Coming into your office is always an appointment that I look forward to attending. ”

— Alan M, Dec, 2010.

“It has been a miraculous opportunity to be treated by Dr. Swanback. The treatments have eliminated all of my pain and I now have tons of energy and feel full of life. After suffering for several years with peri-menopausal symptoms, depression, and pain, her treatments have given me complete relief and a renewed sense of well being. Being treated by Dr. Swanback is the single best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my health.”

— Female client, 2009.


“At the time that I came to Dr. Swanback I had reached a point in my treatment where nothing seemed to be progressing. I was feeling that my options had run out. My diagnoses were Chronic Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, and a severe foot ulcer with underlying infection… My doctors were talking about amputation… During this past six weeks, I believe through the care of Dr. Swanback, I have begun to really heal. After the first week of treatment I did not require my pain medication. Something that I have been using for 10 years due to joint pain from the Lyme Disease… My foot ulcer is healing better than it has in the past… my infectious disease doctor was surprised at the amount of healing in just one week… I believe that there are other medical paths besides just antibiotics, pain medication, medication for depression, and chemicals for this and that… I will continue with Dr. Swanback and her treatments as long as I can because she is healing my body completely not just treating my symptoms.”

— Melissa Savoie, July 2009 (read complete letter)


“I recently took Dr. Swanback’s ‘Tao of Everyday Living’ class through UNM’s Continuing Education. Dr. Swanback’s obvious dedication and conviction to the topic made the class interesting and compelling. The class included information about acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and gave particular attention to nutritional and lifestyle principles for living a vital life. From the discussion in class, it seemed that all the participants found the information thought provoking. It so resonated with some of my personal health issues that I have embraced many of the nutritional principles as well as entered into treatment with Dr. Swanback and am seeing a profound difference in a relatively short period of time. ”

— Female client, 2009


“I have had the opportunity to work with Sue in both didactic and clinical settings at Southwest Acupuncture College and have the highest regard for her work. As only a second year student, her clinical skills far surpass that of her peers and she performs treatments with a level of sophistication beyond even most graduating students… She is engaging, compassionate and professional… Sue is an extraordinary talent, one of the finest students I have ever had the opportunity to work with.”

Dr. Sean Tuten, DOM, April, 2006.


“Sue Swanback was already a voracious student of Oriental medicine when I met her. Two years later, when she began formal studies at Southwest Acupuncture College, her comprehension of the medicine’s principles already exceeded that of many licensed practitioners. Today, her thorough and insightful diagnostic skills, combined with a deep appreciation of Chinese herbal medicine, are a most welcome asset to our collaboration in Future Medicine Now.”

— Dr. Larry Horton


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