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Pear Lime Splash

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Sue and I live at 7400' in the mountains of New Mexico, so when it gets really hot at our house, you know it's really hot!

It was on such a day as this a couple of years ago that I happened to have the ingredients which became this recipe. We were immediately taken with it. On those rare occasions when it does get hot, we often enjoy this simple refresher.


  • 3 Juicey, Ripe Pears
  • 1 Large Cucumber
  • 1 Lime, including peel

That's it!


Trim the fruit and vegetables to fit in the juicer. We often drink it straight, but sometimes add a splash of San Pellegrino for more sparkle.

We rarely drink iced drinks, but it the cucumber comes out of the refrigerator, it makes the drink just the right temperature. It's the ingredients, rather than temperature that cools.




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